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Recovering attorneys’ fees in non-attorney fees cases

Many times in prosecuting a case, attorneys’ fees are the tail wagging the dog. Meritorious cases are not taken because there’s no way to make the case financially feasible for the attorney. I’d like to suggest a secret, a way to recover attorneys’ fees, even when you don’t have a statute or contract that provides for attorneys’ fees.

Do you make time for vacations?

Periodically, we just have to take a break. You can’t be your best if you never take time to sharpen the ax.

Your Client is Your Best Weapon (Video)

Legal Counselor

There is a very fine line that runs through preparing a client to testify at trial and manufacturing a story for the client. Many times–and I’ve seen this happen–attorneys, who for some reason have this need to control everything, think that the story is one thing, and they try to shoehorn everything into it, and force the client’s answers to conform to the attorney’s story.

The problem with that is it’s the CLIENT’S story, and the attorney is missing something. If there is this struggle between client and attorney as to what the case is going to be, my experience is, the attorney needs to take a step back and gain greater understanding of what his client knows, has experienced, has lived with.

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The Power of Stories (Video)

I believe that facts and law really don’t matter in trial. What does matter is the story. A story trumps facts and law every time. I’ll tell you why I feel this way. The decision making process that everyone goes through, whether they know it or not, is based upon the person’s principles and values. They make a decision, and THEN they go looking for facts and law to support that decision.

Trials: Question and Answer Session

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